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Our Team

Our dynamic, committed and dedicated team comprises people who live and breathe community. Our team have overwhelmingly been drawn to Bakhtar Community Organisation by the opportunity it gives them to use their networks, experiences and skills for good. Many have been with the organisation since the start, or have left and come back.

Bassir Qadiri
Bassir Qadiri Founder & CEO
1-Mina Azizi (Acting Deputy)
Mina Azizi Acting Deputy
1-Adeeb Nawim
Adeeb Nawim Media Advisor
1-Mariam Khaliqy (Head of HR)
Mariam Khaliqy Head of HR
1-Ahmad Samadi (Head of Finance)
Ahmad Samadi Head of Finance
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Haroon Sayed Operations Manager
1-Rabi Pardes (Northwest Operations Manager)
Rabi Pardes Northwest Operations Manager
1-Sulaiman Anwarzai
M. Sulaiman Anwarzai WH Manager
Suman Bakhshi 2
Suman Bakhshi Case Manager
1-Lisa Sharif (Youth Ambassador)
Lisa Sharif Youth Ambassador
1-Benazir Rasoli (Youth Coordinator)
Benazir Rasoli Youth Coordinator
1-Muara Azizi (Deputy Team Leader)
Muara Azizi Deputy Team Leader
1-Muska Qadiri (Team Leader)
Muska Qadiri Team Leader
1-Maria Azizi (Interpreters Team Leader)
Maria Azizi Interpreters Team Leader
Marzia Razi
Marzia Razi Supervisor
Milad Juma
Milad Juma Inhouse Lawyer
Milad brings with him a wealth of knowledge that will no doubt assist us as we continue to deliver better outcomes for the community and our stakeholders.

Milad currently practices in Workers Compensation, TAC, Public Liability, Superannuation, Employment Law, and areas ancillary to these, Milad has a broad knowledge of both state and federal laws and legal processes.

Driven by the opportunity to leave a positive impact on the lives of individuals & cultures alike. Milad is intrinsically motivated and has a determination to succeed, not only as a professional, but as a human who is blessed with the opportunity to make a difference.