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Inclusion & Harmony Event

We organise this event on the occasion of harmony week in March which is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all, regardless of cultural or linguistic background. It runs once a year and over 300 participants attend the event.

Every year we chose a specific topic to raise awareness and prevent any kind of misjudging and misconception in the community. Last year we focused on the topic “Everyone is Equal”. Based on the topic we run activities to address the social issues such as discrimination in the community; why mutual respect is important and how to live in harmony.

Cultural Festivals Event

We organize Afghan cultural festivals such as New Year and Afghan independence Day. We normally partner with other groups to celebrate our festivals. The event is organized once to twice a year and run for about 4 to 5 hours with over 300 to 500 participants. It’s a celebration, however, it also aims to provide information about how to integrate in to Australian society.

Creative Writing workshops

These workshops are designed to promote inclusivity and engagement through art (Music & Poetry) in the community in order to combat isolation and loneliness. It is more like a mental stress preventative workshop. The workshop provides education and information on how to create a written art whether it’s poetry or story. It runs four times a year in the Afghan community.