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Dear Donors,

The recent devastating events in Afghanistan caused many people to leave their homeland and migrate to other countries including Australia, with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing as they fled.

While the new migrants in Australia are waiting to complete their hotel quarantine, their future needs have not been funded or decided, and many of them will have to wait for a period of time to receive financial support from the government. Bakhtar is committed to maintain its support when these families are out in the community. Therefore, we are raising much needed funds to support these families. The funds will be used to meet portions of their daily life costs, such as cost of resettlements, food, school supplies, clothing, and medical needs. The raised fund will also be used to support some of the shortcomings in expenses, mainly school uniforms, books, iPad, and laptops for children to continue with their education.

If you want to help the refugees of Afghanistan, this is the time to show your support and compassion and donate to a much needed cause. Bakhtar Cultural Association under (Bakhtar Public Fund Institution) is endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipients by the Australian Taxation Office. Therefore, your contribution is tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause.